Health policy summit 2015

The 2015 Summit came just weeks before the General Election, with the NHS a critical issue as voters went to the polls.


Start date: 26/02/2015 | 9:00

End date: 27/02/2015 | 13:15

Wotton House
Guildford Road, Dorking, Surrey

For more information on this summit contact:

0207 462 0514

The Summit provided a timely opportunity for health and social care leaders to hear and question the latest evidence and analysis on current health and social care debates. The overarching theme was on the macro challenges facing the NHS and social care systems, and exploring potential solutions.

In 2015 our three main themes were:

  • Following the Five Year Forward View, how can the NHS discover and implement new models of care? The Summit provided delegates with a range of case studies of organisations and individuals responding to the major challenges by delivering innovative changes to the way services are organised, through new service models and contracting arrangements.
  • What role can technology play in supporting better delivery of care? We explored how technology can be deployed effectively to support people, provide greater access to services and improve health outcomes at lower cost.
  • How can engaged communities and a strong patient voice help pave the way to a more sustainable health and social care system? We drew attention to the power of the community and patient voice, and will introduce a ‘marketplace’ of different interventions that showcase how using the resources of the community can empower patients.