Health & social care explained

An entry point into the many facets of the health and social care system in the UK.

Policy explained

Policy in the NHS and social care is critically important but can often change. Here we explain how different policies work, what they do, and what their impact might be.



Numbers and data explained

From staff numbers to hospital activity to finances, the NHS is full of different statistics and figures. Using charts and easy-to-understand graphics, in this section we break down those numbers for you.

NHS in numbers 07/09/2015

Data story

This series of interactive charts illustrates key data on health care spending, hospital activity, performance, prescribing, and NHS staffing and other resources, for England and the rest of the UK where comparable data is available.

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Toolkits and methods

As experts and pioneers of different methodologies and analytical techniques, here we signpost you to different approaches that are used at the Trust.


Topics explained

Delve deeper into current subject areas relevant to the health service.

Brexit and the NHS 18/01/2017


Big changes lie ahead for the UK following its vote to leave the EU. No part of society will remain unchanged, including the health and social care sector. Below is a collection of resources about how Brexit might affect the NHS.

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The NHS Long Term Plan 23/10/2018


This spotlight collects together our work around the recent publication of the NHS Long Term Plan amidst a climate of extraordinary challenges and a history of NHS plans that have struggled to meet expectations.

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Workforce 28/09/2017


The NHS is struggling to maintain the large and diverse body of qualified staff required to deliver its services effectively. Without radical change, the health service's additional funding will likely fail to achieve the improvements the money promises. This spotlight brings together our work on understanding and addressing these challenges.

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