The Nuffield Trust is a highly respected forum for debate. We run a variety of events and workshops to bring together policy-makers, practitioners and key stakeholders to help raise issues and identify solutions.

Challenging NHS groupthink

Our Second opinion online event series challenges commonly held views about the NHS. Our latest event looked at whether the NHS really needs to steer more money to the front line and spend less on administration. It's a constant refrain among politicians and even the public – but is it right?

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The Nuffield Trust is an independent health think tank. We run a range of free virtual and in-person events to stimulate discussion, bring people together and generate debate. They are a forum to provide evidence-based research and policy analysis, and an opportunity to share good practice through presentations and networking.

We partner with organisations to:

  • improve the quality of health and care.
  • challenge and support those involved in planning and delivering healthcare.
  • share knowledge and debate.
  • to influence policy and practice.

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