Sarah Scobie

Sarah Scobie joined the Nuffield Trust as Deputy Director of Research in January 2018.

Sarah joined the Nuffield Trust from NHS South, Central and West Commissioning Support Unit, where she led SCW’s specialised analytics teams working on population analytics, establishing a national central measurement unit for patient safety, and supporting NHS England, Vanguards and STPs with planning, evaluating and monitoring new models of care.

Sarah’s work at the Nuffield Trust focuses on quality measurement, evaluating innovation in healthcare, and developing analytical methods for healthcare.   She is particularly interested in how place-based health systems monitor the quality of care, and make use of integrated data to understand and improve population health.

In previous roles, Sarah led the first Patient Safety Observatory (while at the National Patient Safety Agency), and established the first NHS staff survey (while at the Healthcare Commission).

Sarah has many years’ experience as an information specialist in the NHS.  She has a PhD in medical geography and an MSc in Health Economics and Health Policy.