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Key statistics on NHS staffing issues.

The NHS in England is the country’s biggest employer. However, it is increasingly apparent that the NHS doesn’t have enough staff to meet demand. This dashboard aims to provide transparency on progress against some important national ambitions, including on the number of GPs, mental health staff, and nurse vacancies.

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Sickness absence rates 01/04/1920



Sickness absence rates have been calculated by dividing the “FTE Number of Days Sick” by the “FTE Number of Days Available” as recorded in electronic staff records. These rates only include NHS staff working in hospital and community health services.

Sickness absence rates for public sector staff are published by ONS on an annual basis only. We have assumed that within a calendar year, sickness absence rates remain stagnant in for the purpose of creating a time series. The data are collected differently and so any direct comparison should be treated with caution.

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NHS workforce tracker 01/04/1920


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